Sunday, January 29, 2012

Green eggs and Rainbows.

I could crochet here and there,
I would crochet anywhere. 
I crochet green eggs and ham, 
I crochet a hat like sam's. 

I was brain storming an Easter gift for my nephew Walnut. And I was thinking a little hat and making up some little eggs, but then  I thought why not green eggs. Which turned into green eggs and ham. I also happened upon this yellow onesie at carters on the sale rack. It'd far from perfect, but I'm proud so say I did this all with out a pattern (there was a lot of trial and error) The hat doesn't look like much but I think when we put it on him it will look just right. I'm going to visit my sister and the Walnut (they live 3000 miles away) at Easter and I can't wait to take photos of him as Sam I am. 

When I was  a little girl my mother would ask me what's your favorite color, and I would reply RAINBOW.

I've always wanted to tie dye cupcakes, and it's super easy. It's just a little messy, with using lots of cups is dripping batter all over. It was kinda inspired this week by the circle rainbow baby blanket (for the eric carle theme nursery ) I'm working on. Below is the progress I'm making. I love how it's coming along so much that i'm planing to make myself a spring bag in the same the colors and yarn when i'm done. 

Last but not least. My two Jan Eaton squares.  As you can see I"m going for a spring garden theme colors. 

Till next time. Love and Stitches, Bunny

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