Sunday, January 29, 2012

Green eggs and Rainbows.

I could crochet here and there,
I would crochet anywhere. 
I crochet green eggs and ham, 
I crochet a hat like sam's. 

I was brain storming an Easter gift for my nephew Walnut. And I was thinking a little hat and making up some little eggs, but then  I thought why not green eggs. Which turned into green eggs and ham. I also happened upon this yellow onesie at carters on the sale rack. It'd far from perfect, but I'm proud so say I did this all with out a pattern (there was a lot of trial and error) The hat doesn't look like much but I think when we put it on him it will look just right. I'm going to visit my sister and the Walnut (they live 3000 miles away) at Easter and I can't wait to take photos of him as Sam I am. 

When I was  a little girl my mother would ask me what's your favorite color, and I would reply RAINBOW.

I've always wanted to tie dye cupcakes, and it's super easy. It's just a little messy, with using lots of cups is dripping batter all over. It was kinda inspired this week by the circle rainbow baby blanket (for the eric carle theme nursery ) I'm working on. Below is the progress I'm making. I love how it's coming along so much that i'm planing to make myself a spring bag in the same the colors and yarn when i'm done. 

Last but not least. My two Jan Eaton squares.  As you can see I"m going for a spring garden theme colors. 

Till next time. Love and Stitches, Bunny

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hoorah for more YARN

I'm always excited to get more yarn. I have now 16 colors to start my newest projects. One Project being the sampler granny square blanket with 100 (or more) different squares, it's more a learning project so I can challenge myself to learn new stitches. I'm going to use the Jan Eaton's 200 blocks and maybe make up a few of my own. It's my 2012 Year long project. I've decided my goal is going to 2 squares a week (thus 100 by the end of the year). I'm going to make smaller projects out of the squares, like baby blankets and other smaller projects. Here are this weeks squares.

Two being  a bedding set for a friend of mine. Its going to be a Eric Carle inspired  themed nursery. Eric Carle is the writer and illustrator of the Hunger Caterpillar among dozens of beautiful books.

I'm going to start with a circle afghan and make a trim on a white crib skirt to match. All his books use very bright and bold rainbow colors, so I think I should be able to capture that in the blanket.

I'm still working on my Tardis (Doctor Who blanket). I changed it a little bit. I'm proud to say its moving along  nicely.

Love and Stitches,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nerd Alert!

I just put is a order to for the yarn for my sampler blanket. I chose a 13 different colors of patons canadiana yarn. Its a nice inexpensive yarn with a good range of colors. Since I'm still learning I don't want to spend a ton of dough on a learning project. 

While I'm waiting on my yarn order to be delivered I've been going through all my old yarn. There is a lot of it too. I have yarn from left over form project, yarn I thought I wanted to do projects with, and the second hand yarn (people know i knit and crochet so they given me). Two of these very large amounts of yarn is red heart super saver in blue, black and white. The blue is what I call TARDIS BLUE. If your not familiar with the Tardis is from the BBC show Doctor Who. Me and my husband love doctor who. Below is our Tardis cookie jar. 

So for my husband I've started to make him is very own Tardis Blanket. I've be trying out some granny squares and so other designs. But here are some of the panels I've started .

Not Sure I'm gonna keep going in this direction and I have plenty of yarn to try out lots of different designs. Well back to work. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Confessions and Projects

                                                                           This is our office. My goal is to make it into a working studio were I can paint and work on my illustrations. I've had lots of ideas for children's books. And one of my goals this year is to complete one of the stories and put together a portfolio to start sending to publishers. I have a couple of extra days of this week, so i'm going to clean out the office and set it up into a working space. Next week AFTER stay tuned.

Project #1. Skinny Scarf
All confession aside...I finished my first project of the new year. This lovely scarf for my dear friend Maria. I like it so much i'm going to make another one for myself.

  With the new year in full swing and one project done. I've decided that i'm going to complete 52 projects this year. Maybe not do one whole one a week, but make enough progresses of each project that by 2013 I have made 52 different projects ( knitting, crochet, painting, sewing, photography etc.).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012

My Goal for 2012 is to be more creative and productive. I'm going to use this blog to track and to keep on top of all my projects. SO my New Year's Resolution is to post at least once a week.  I will post anything I like because it is my blog after all. I will knit, bake, paint, photography, and make things all year. I also plan to post things that inspire me, people, books, music and places. For everyone who may read this, in 2012:
Be happy, Be creative, Be true, Be your best and most important Be yourself. 
Supper cheesy, hard to live up to, but i'm gonna try.