Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sissy blanket with Pruta the cat is enjoying.
Baby love .
Happy almost 2012! So it's been a very busy month. I finished 2 scarves, one blanket and three baby hats. My favorite would have to be the roll up pixie hat i mad for my nephew walnut (walter). My favorite thing about completing projects is planning new ones. I try to stick to doing only three yarn projects at once (big, medium, small). SO for starting the new year...

The small....  A popcorn pom pom scarf for a friend, in red wool mohair blend and knitted with cables.

The Medium......The Christmas stocking crochet project (which is going to be a year long project of making a new design each month, but each stocking is a medium project)

The Large.... Sampler granny square blanket, its going to be flower garden them, with lots of green and pinks.

ALSO, a two of my friends have asked me to teach them to knit and crochet. so were going to start a  yarn group. Hopefully we'll pick up some others along the year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Very very busy

So i haven't posted anything in the last two weeks. Thanksgiving took over my kitchen and time. So i didn't have time to get much done in the way of knitting of crocheting. But I did bake a perfect pecan pie.
Also baked these great pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, the picture doesn't do them justice. 
And then there was this past weekend me and my husband flew to Florida to drive back our new to us 2001 beetle, that was giving to us by a family member. SO from Sarasota to CT, which is a 22 hour drive. We broke it up and stop along the way. I was great to go to Waffle house (which there are none north of new jersey.  but we made it. Now were home with Lady and I'm back to work on all my Christmas presents. 
SO back to the Yarn.