Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'll Be Back

Sorry I've been busy. Wanted just to let you know I will be back really soon. -Bunny

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Candy Coated

Well I'm back home and getting back to work is never easy, even when you like your job and have great co-workers. The day after day of the same old same work just gets me a little tired. I'm my day dream I'm a professional crocheter....but I don't think I could make a full time living that way. But i'm gonna at least try and make my hobby make a little money. So I've been busy making lots of little shoes, and some little hats and this WIP(below) candy rainbow baby blanket for my newest project, my ETSY  shop. It will also be called The Bunny Stahl  and will open June 1, 2012. I will only be selling baby items this summer, then come September there will be some adult accessories. I'm also working on fleshing out a some of my own designs and writing up the pattern so I can sell those too.
I've gotten a little behind on my Jan Eaton Square project. Now it's time to get back on track, so in addition to my two a week I'm gonna have to do at least one to two more extra each week, I think I'm about fourteen behind. So these are this weeks, plus a wonderful rainbow one.
I hope you have a lovely week, and till next time..........
Love and Stitches, 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hi everyone, I'm still out in Portland OR till Tuesday. We've been all over the city. But I have to say the day we spent on the coast was great day. Little windy but very pretty.
Also ate at some really great places but my favorite Portland food is the Portland Cream Donut. It's  a custard filled and frosted with maple frosting. But I did get my hands on some yarn from  All About Yarn and from the local Joanns. So I did work on some small projects out of the Crochet Today Baby Magazine  (which I think is still on stands since it is a special) I made the little hat and sneakers. And I changed them up to make them watermelon themed.
Still have to add the seeds. Also my sister picked up some yarn for another baby blanket for the Walnut. See the Walnut below.
The popcorns don't show up that good in the picture but I think the blankets gonna be all popcorn at my sister's request. These squares are also from the Jan Eaton Book.

Have to get back to playing with the Walnut.

Love and Stitches,

PS. If you can't follow me via blogger  I've set up a facebook page you can 'like' it (don't forget to press the Like button) and you find out when I post at The Bunny Stahl Crochet Creations  and when I Etsy store (to come in May).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Hope your all having a Happy Easter or just enjoying a nice Sunday. Above is my lovely nephew Walnut modeling the bunny hat I finished up. It was inspired by the book Knuffle Bunny  books. Sorry but no granny squares or WIP this week because I'm 3,000 miles away from CT in Portland OR. I'm going to be here for 10 days. Besides getting to meet the cutest little boy I'm excited to go to all the craft and yarn stores out her. Sorry it's so short after so long, but between planing for the trip and taxes and car drama I've been pretty busy. I'm very happy to be on vacation and will have more up next sunday. 
Till next time
Love and Stitches, 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've had a really busy week. The week last Saturday my poor little green beetle Lady was rear ended because the the woman was "Wearing my new clogs" and when she tried to break her foot slipped again, in fact rear ending me twice. No one was hurt except my car. It also kinda set my whole week off to a crazy start. But we move on, upward and onward. I cont. on with the Jan Eat 100 squares project.

I'm Up to 20 out of 100 of my Jan Eaton Motif Project.
The 4 from past 2 weeks
Baby Hat
I've also been working on this blue bunny hat for my nephew for Easter. I made this on with out a pattern. I'm trying hard to start working with out patterns on some project so maybe in a year from now I can sell  them on etsy or ravelry. So I will have the finished product next week. Well I hope you have a lovely week .
Love and Stitches,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Make Little Shoes

This week I made my first piece of baby clothing. I have to say I'm mighty proud. I posted this photo this picture on my facebook page and I've already gotten three request for them. I think this will become one of my go to gifts for new babies, and it took a whole lot less time than making a baby blanket. You can find this pattern in Crochet Today's spring issue on baby stuff.
Here is a peek at the Tardis Blanket. I've started doing some of the lettering on the door panel. The Right door has been crocheted together with. Still a looking a little lumpy, once it's trimmed and blocked it will come together a little better. 
My cats can't comprehend that I would take a photo with out them in it. 

Here are the last two weeks of squares. I had some problems posting photos early this week. I'm up to 18 out of 100 so far. 
I've decided to only post on Sundays from now on (unless a special holiday). It's really my only day off. So till next Sunday,
Love and Stitches,

P.S. Just wanted to let anyone out there who can't 'follow' me because you don't have a blogger account  I now have facebook page . You can now 'Like' me and I will share on facebook when I do new posts on the blog.