Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Make Little Shoes

This week I made my first piece of baby clothing. I have to say I'm mighty proud. I posted this photo this picture on my facebook page and I've already gotten three request for them. I think this will become one of my go to gifts for new babies, and it took a whole lot less time than making a baby blanket. You can find this pattern in Crochet Today's spring issue on baby stuff.
Here is a peek at the Tardis Blanket. I've started doing some of the lettering on the door panel. The Right door has been crocheted together with. Still a looking a little lumpy, once it's trimmed and blocked it will come together a little better. 
My cats can't comprehend that I would take a photo with out them in it. 

Here are the last two weeks of squares. I had some problems posting photos early this week. I'm up to 18 out of 100 so far. 
I've decided to only post on Sundays from now on (unless a special holiday). It's really my only day off. So till next Sunday,
Love and Stitches,

P.S. Just wanted to let anyone out there who can't 'follow' me because you don't have a blogger account  I now have facebook page . You can now 'Like' me and I will share on facebook when I do new posts on the blog. 


  1. hi am a new blog

  2. OMG! A TARDIS blanket!! I just came from a page where someone is making a TARDIS cover for their husband's Kindle. I <3<3 The Doctor!

    Your granny squares are beautiful, The sneakers are amazing! I must follow you too--The Doctor told me to "stay here" but of course, if there's a TARDIS involved, I must follow!

  3. Ha ha, We <3 the doctor in our house too! Thanks for following!