Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've had a really busy week. The week last Saturday my poor little green beetle Lady was rear ended because the the woman was "Wearing my new clogs" and when she tried to break her foot slipped again, in fact rear ending me twice. No one was hurt except my car. It also kinda set my whole week off to a crazy start. But we move on, upward and onward. I cont. on with the Jan Eat 100 squares project.

I'm Up to 20 out of 100 of my Jan Eaton Motif Project.
The 4 from past 2 weeks
Baby Hat
I've also been working on this blue bunny hat for my nephew for Easter. I made this on with out a pattern. I'm trying hard to start working with out patterns on some project so maybe in a year from now I can sell  them on etsy or ravelry. So I will have the finished product next week. Well I hope you have a lovely week .
Love and Stitches,


  1. All those motifs are so pretty. And the bunny hat is a great idea!

  2. Thanks! I'm love making all the motifs!

  3. Oh dear - that doesn't sound good - but I love your crochet.

    1. Yeah, I was not a happy camper. Thanks for checking out my blog!