Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've had a really busy week. The week last Saturday my poor little green beetle Lady was rear ended because the the woman was "Wearing my new clogs" and when she tried to break her foot slipped again, in fact rear ending me twice. No one was hurt except my car. It also kinda set my whole week off to a crazy start. But we move on, upward and onward. I cont. on with the Jan Eat 100 squares project.

I'm Up to 20 out of 100 of my Jan Eaton Motif Project.
The 4 from past 2 weeks
Baby Hat
I've also been working on this blue bunny hat for my nephew for Easter. I made this on with out a pattern. I'm trying hard to start working with out patterns on some project so maybe in a year from now I can sell  them on etsy or ravelry. So I will have the finished product next week. Well I hope you have a lovely week .
Love and Stitches,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Make Little Shoes

This week I made my first piece of baby clothing. I have to say I'm mighty proud. I posted this photo this picture on my facebook page and I've already gotten three request for them. I think this will become one of my go to gifts for new babies, and it took a whole lot less time than making a baby blanket. You can find this pattern in Crochet Today's spring issue on baby stuff.
Here is a peek at the Tardis Blanket. I've started doing some of the lettering on the door panel. The Right door has been crocheted together with. Still a looking a little lumpy, once it's trimmed and blocked it will come together a little better. 
My cats can't comprehend that I would take a photo with out them in it. 

Here are the last two weeks of squares. I had some problems posting photos early this week. I'm up to 18 out of 100 so far. 
I've decided to only post on Sundays from now on (unless a special holiday). It's really my only day off. So till next Sunday,
Love and Stitches,

P.S. Just wanted to let anyone out there who can't 'follow' me because you don't have a blogger account  I now have facebook page . You can now 'Like' me and I will share on facebook when I do new posts on the blog. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Boom

Babies, babies, BABIES. I can't seem to escape them, and why would I want to. For the last 7 years (post college life) I've gone to wedding after wedding (including my own). So its only natural to leave the wedding phase and move on to the baby phase of adulthood. Me and my hubby aren't  in baby ville yet, were still in newly wed land. BUT everyone else seems to be popping them out, and if not them, its a sister, daughter or in-law. I've decided that it's best for me to start expanding my baby gift skills beyond the blanket and hat. I'm going to learn to make baby booties. Lucky for me my favorite crochet magazine Crochet Today has a special spring baby issue on stands now.
Crochet Today is the crochet Magazine that speaks to me most. The patterns are fun, colorful and fresh. Below are the baby booty High Tops I'm going to make.

So I've the Rainbow Circle baby blanket. YAY ME! So I love it so much, I'm sure I'll use this motif again. It's a great tutorial  from  was so easy to follow. I like the boarder, but I'm not in love with it. I think next time I might just do a white boarder. 
This is a close up off the board I did. I made a very simple single crochet rainbow border using only 6 of the 12 colors I used in the blanket. 
On a non-crochet topic....I found these really cute PEZ dispensers at CVS on sale for 99cents. I'm only keep one for myself and give the other ones to my sister and a friends. It's strange but I love Hello Kitty more at almost 30 than I did at 10. I plan on crocheting a cover for my Sony e-reader with Hello Kitty on it.

    Don't worry I haven't forgot about the Tartis Blanket. I will feature it on WIP Wednesday. It's been a bit neglected since I was wrapped up in working on the circle blanket. I'm not going to be starting any more big projects till it's done. Hope you have a lovely week. 
Love and Stitches,