Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sissy blanket with Pruta the cat is enjoying.
Baby love .
Happy almost 2012! So it's been a very busy month. I finished 2 scarves, one blanket and three baby hats. My favorite would have to be the roll up pixie hat i mad for my nephew walnut (walter). My favorite thing about completing projects is planning new ones. I try to stick to doing only three yarn projects at once (big, medium, small). SO for starting the new year...

The small....  A popcorn pom pom scarf for a friend, in red wool mohair blend and knitted with cables.

The Medium......The Christmas stocking crochet project (which is going to be a year long project of making a new design each month, but each stocking is a medium project)

The Large.... Sampler granny square blanket, its going to be flower garden them, with lots of green and pinks.

ALSO, a two of my friends have asked me to teach them to knit and crochet. so were going to start a  yarn group. Hopefully we'll pick up some others along the year.

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