Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hoorah for more YARN

I'm always excited to get more yarn. I have now 16 colors to start my newest projects. One Project being the sampler granny square blanket with 100 (or more) different squares, it's more a learning project so I can challenge myself to learn new stitches. I'm going to use the Jan Eaton's 200 blocks and maybe make up a few of my own. It's my 2012 Year long project. I've decided my goal is going to 2 squares a week (thus 100 by the end of the year). I'm going to make smaller projects out of the squares, like baby blankets and other smaller projects. Here are this weeks squares.

Two being  a bedding set for a friend of mine. Its going to be a Eric Carle inspired  themed nursery. Eric Carle is the writer and illustrator of the Hunger Caterpillar among dozens of beautiful books.

I'm going to start with a circle afghan and make a trim on a white crib skirt to match. All his books use very bright and bold rainbow colors, so I think I should be able to capture that in the blanket.

I'm still working on my Tardis (Doctor Who blanket). I changed it a little bit. I'm proud to say its moving along  nicely.

Love and Stitches,


  1. Love the Eric Carl idea, my kids loved the hungry caterpillar when they were little!!!
    I'm also way impressed that you're making a tardis blanket!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks!!! I really love combining things I love!