Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nerd Alert!

I just put is a order to for the yarn for my sampler blanket. I chose a 13 different colors of patons canadiana yarn. Its a nice inexpensive yarn with a good range of colors. Since I'm still learning I don't want to spend a ton of dough on a learning project. 

While I'm waiting on my yarn order to be delivered I've been going through all my old yarn. There is a lot of it too. I have yarn from left over form project, yarn I thought I wanted to do projects with, and the second hand yarn (people know i knit and crochet so they given me). Two of these very large amounts of yarn is red heart super saver in blue, black and white. The blue is what I call TARDIS BLUE. If your not familiar with the Tardis is from the BBC show Doctor Who. Me and my husband love doctor who. Below is our Tardis cookie jar. 

So for my husband I've started to make him is very own Tardis Blanket. I've be trying out some granny squares and so other designs. But here are some of the panels I've started .

Not Sure I'm gonna keep going in this direction and I have plenty of yarn to try out lots of different designs. Well back to work. 


  1. Sorry the fonts are funky. I can't seem to fix them so there all the same.

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    1. Thanks! it's always nice to get free supplies that I actually can like and can use.