Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sneaky Kitties

Rory is a sweet as she is sneaky. I use to keep my yarn projects in a really nice basket. Then in a really nice bag.  And for a while nothing would happen. Until one day I would come home and find a yarn explosion up and down our hall way. Most recently Rory stole my husbands turkey Sandwich . He didn't know is was missing until he got to work.  We know it was her because she goes crazy when every you take turkey out of the fridge. We found the bread and tin foil under the sofa that night. This is why now I keep my back stash of yarn in a closet that I know they can't get into and in little bins with lids for current projects. I took me a while a good yarn was found unraveled before I started to do this. Also one of my other cats loves to chew on the bamboo needles.  I got both these bins at Target, they are the perfect size. They also fit perfectly under our side tables for easy stash away. So I hope you have better luck with you animals and crafting projects.

One thing I've learned from my organization of my office is I do not need any more yarn. At least not for a very long time. (You can't see it, but I also have a huge bin of second hand Red Heart Yarn) behind this.
And lets not forget it's THE JANE AUSTEN BOWL II. Yeah, yeah, yeah there is that other thing with the football and the beer...hmmm...SUPER BALL? whatever. Last year, thanks to the PBS Jane Austen Marathon on this Sunday was my first Jane Austen Bowl. We will be watching 'pride and prejudice', Emma, sense and sensibility, Mansfield park (Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were both check out at the library). In addition to those classics we  have 'Bride and Prejudice', 'Becoming Jane' and the 'Jane Austen Book Club'. It's really nice that my husband's best friend likes having a Super Bowl Party at his house, so I can enjoy my Sunday with Jane.

Progress Report:
         It doesn't look like much, but I wanted to share the progress on the Tardis Blanket. So far I've got a good start on the eight panels in the doors. Once I finish doing the trim on these I'm going to work form the bottom up attaching and sewing the panels in.
    I'm also making progress on the rainbow circle blanket. I've made it through green. This week I'm also going to make a small project. It's listed on my new page on this blog under Books I Love tab.
Here is this week's blocks from the Jan Eaton Book.  I hope you've had a lovey week. 
Love and Stitches, 

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