Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Studio

Well it took a little longer to clean and organize the studio. I'm calling the studio from now on in hope to inspire me more to work in there rather than a dumping grounds for mail. The office sounded like boring work. But a Studio that sounds like fun and creative juices flowing. Last week I showed you that I reorganized my yarn closet. This week as you can see below the is cleaned up and ready to use space.

The week flew by so quick. The big thing that was going around here everyone was taking about was the 310 million dollar power ball (which someone, not me, is waking up rich today). Chatting about with friends and co-workers about what we would do with the money. Of course the , travel, house, car etc. But I think after I saw the world and was ready to settle in I love to own my own yarn shop and workshop where I could teach others to knit and crochet. AH...maybe someday.

Just a quick pick of Lola taking a cat nap with some yarn.

Progress Report:
All the little circles are done up in rainbow colors. This is the color order I'm putting them on.

The Tardis panels are all getting trimmed up with a light blue highlight and a black shadow. I can wait for the new season of Doctor Who to start. It will be great to have a blanket to use when it comes back this fall.

And here are this weeks granny squares.

Love and Stitches,


  1. Those circles look amazing!!!
    And I'm really looking forward to seeing the Tardis!!
    I bought my husband a Tardis ipad cover for Valentines, because I'm not sure I have the skills to crochet on myself :(

    1. Thanks, I really Loved making all the circles and working with so many colors.

  2. I'd LOVE to have a "studio". I agree that sounds better then office and/or craft room.
    Your circles are cute! love the colors!